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Are The Cards Evoking Such Emotions?

Ecards – Use Them To Create More Love

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Love is like a tree. Imagine days, when you hear no word from your sweetheart.


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Love is like a tree. Imagine days, when you hear no word from your sweetheart. You start getting ideas. You get lonely and think of why? This why may bring many answers that may not be very conductive to romantic love.

Romantic love demands affirmation regularly. Every lover loves to hear from his or her daring – I Love You. That increases the passion of love and keeps the love flame alive.
As I said before love is like a tree. It needs care till it grows strong. How to use ecards to keep the love strong at all the times? Let me tell you.

Visit any good ecard/egreeting/greeting card website. Many are free and some charge money. Look for the free websites. Give a keen look at the cards. Look at three elements – Design, colors and text. All three combined should create a feeling of very strong love and longing. The ecard should be such that makes your darling desperate to meet you immediately. Are the cards evoking such emotions? What is the weight of the ecard? How much time does it take to open the card? Look at the site design. Send a card to yourself and see how it looks at the receiver’s end. It should create an atmosphere of passion and euphoric love. Does it do that?

After satisfying yourself, that the ecards are such that they will create a feeling of great romantic love, begin sending them. Send one a day. Don’t send a card on the day you are to meet. Send a card saying I Love You in different ways everyday. Express your love. Intentionally miss a day. That will increase your darling’s longing for you. Play the love game as an expert. It is not for amateurs.

Ecards will be of great help to you in playing the romance game. Learn the art of proper selection of a free ecard and begin. You will keep your love tree strong forever, with flowers coming every season and that tree will never have autumn.


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