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Have You Dug Up Any Dirt?

Computer Consulting: The Initial Consultation

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Computer consulting requires you to research your client beforehand. Realize you will be spending time and money on your initial consultation for your business of computer consulting.

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You have to think of the sales process as more of like a pre-sales consultation and with an emphasis on consultation. You really want to convey your professionalism and stand out from the other computer consulting “professionals” out there who want to act like used car salespeople.

In this article, you’ll learn that this can be done by taking a sincere interest in your prospect’s business, taking a sincere interest in their problems, and getting a grasp on those problems so you can figure out if you have a solution for them within your computer consulting business.

Have You Dug Up Any Dirt?

There may be cases where you find some dirt on them that makes you not want to do business with them. The computer consulting sales call is really a two-way interview process. If you see some weird, bizarre stuff going on or there’s some weird, bizarre stuff in background and in the news about this prospect, you may not want their business. As strange as it sounds, you may want to turn down their business, but again, this is the importance of doing your homework ahead of time and being prepared for your initial consultation.

Realize Time is Money

You’ll probably need to take a half hour to an hour to put together a little introductory packet of things to give them. You’re going to spend a half hour to an hour driving over there. Your consultation will very rarely start on time or finish on time. So by the time you get done, even if you’re super-efficient, usually two or three hours has been spent.

If you take your hourly billing rate that you’re billing out for computer consulting service calls, let’s say you’re billing at $75 an hour for computer consulting, that means you invested $225 in time before gas and mileage and parking and tolls. Before you do that, make sure your computer consulting prospect is a good fit. One of the best ways you can do that is by qualifying them a little better. Doing your homework goes a long way towards this end.

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