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It Has Now Become Very Dangerous

Download Free Ipod Tune

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Downloading a free Ipod tune is not difficult, and it is quite a surprise that there aren’t more people who do this.

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Downloading a free Ipod tune is not difficult, and it is quite a surprise that there aren’t more people who do this. Despite its simplicity, a lot of people are still under the illusion that it is all done form illegal download sites, and that they will have to break the law to get their tunes. It really isn’t like that.

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Avoid the possibility of viruses! You may have noticed that if you try to download from P2P sites, you often don’t end up with the file you asked for? It will have the file name you asked for, but when you open it you find id nothing like what it was supposed to be. The reason for this is that the site is spreading computer viruses and spyware. Computer hackers have found a very easy way to get their malware onto thousands of computers, by uploading an infected file, and naming it after something in demand. If you are searching for free downloads, you would be well advised to avoid P2P sites completely.

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Don’t do anything illegal! A lot of sites offering downloads get shut down because they are operating illegally. A lot of the time the people downloading the files are breaking the law, and don’t even know it. It has now become very dangerous, as it is getting ever easier for governments to be able to track peoples’ downloads, and for record companies to prosecute. As you probably don’t want to end up in prison for downloading the latest Beyonce track, you will want to steer well clear of these sites!

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Sites you can’t trust. You are probably quite used to putting something like “download free Ipod tune” into a search engine, and then finding out that all of the sites you find are full of rubbish like popup ads. Everything seems to have the ad with the buzzing fly sound as well, which is just about as annoying as it gets. It is a very good idea to learn to avoid and boycott any site which has no respect for the visitor. Would shops like Wal Mart prosper if they used these kind of super annoying tactics?

One piece of good news is the recent emergence of sites which are moving away from this trend of being unreliable and illegal. As I mentioned earlier, it is not difficult to get free ipod tune downloads provided you go to the right site and know what you are doing. There are sites now which are managed well with good organisation. They’ve cut out all of the viruses and popups, and just give you the music downloads you want, at high download speed. The one small snag is that sites like this can’t be kept online without some sort of charge. They have to charge a one off membership fee which is usually between $20 and $50. Once you have paid this fee you get full access to all of the downloads. These sites typically have large databases of videos and games as well as a huge amount of music, and the downloads are a lot quicker than with P2P sites. You can find a page showing you the best sites like this on the web, by clicking the links below.

Hopefully this article will have shown you the perils of downloading free Ipod tunes. If you found this useful or interesting to you why not send it to a friend by using the link on the top right?


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