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Now Isn’t That Worth A Little Investment In Effort?

Eight Steps To Successful Goal Setting On And Off Your PC

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Eight effective steps to achieving your goals on and off the computer.

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Copyright 2006 Michael Madigan

You and I know no one can be totally successful. But continual failure in personal goal planning on or off the PC, will inevitably make you more and more frustrated and disappointed.

Who needs that? When all you have to do is follow the 8 steps:

Step 1: The first important thing in goal setting is do something as opposed to nothing, and get started NOW. By placing time limits on your goals, you motivate yourself to get started and allowing yourself the best chance to succeed. Just remember that you can adjust your goal setting time frames whenever you see fit.

Step 2: Decide what your goals are in any situation, are they worthwhile, and if they are achievable. Don’t be afraid to dream a little, and rest assured the more practice at personal goal planning you get, the bigger the likelihood of you reaching all the goals you set. Then write down your short and long term goals, whether they are on or off the PC.

Step 3: Most of us fail to in setting and achieving goals because we think we ‘don’t have enough time’. So in the end, the major part of effective goal setting comes down to how effective your time management is. But ‘time management’ means actually we must be able to balance our time in the best way possible in order to achieve our goals. Check how time passes with reminders, audible and visible alarms and pop ups – anything to keep you productive and not just daydreaming.

Step 4: Break each goal down into several smaller goals which will make this process easier. In each step evaluated the obstacles that may stop you moving on and decide how they can be overcome or avoided.

Step 5: Take some time for quality research and education. Set performance goals and time limits here too! Surf, read, chat – but keep your enquiries to the point. Keep understandable notes throughout, including links and your own revevant thoughts as they come.

Step 6: No matter what you do, dont expect to eliminate every trace of uncertainty from goal setting activity. It isn’t cast in stone.. A little stress should fire up your determination and flexibility, which you need particuliarly in the ever changing Internet universe! Keep moving!

Step 7: Evaluate your progress as often as needed. If this is a big goal it may take years, but stay motivated! Review your progress daily, weekly, or at any other interval you feel comfortable with, but as often as you need to determine if your program is working and moving forward. If you’re not not progressing on a particular goal, you may have to re-evaluate your approach and make changes as necessary

Step 8: Another personal goal plan has succeeded! On to the next one…

OK, you may struggle a little at first. Maybe once or twice, fall back into your old sloppy ways. But remember…people who are able to use goal setting effectively concentrate and focus better. They show more self-confidence, suffer less from stress and anxiety,

perform better at whatever they attempt, and are happier and more satisfied with life. Now isn’t that worth a little investment in effort?

Set your goals for a happy life and healthy computing from 2006 into the future!


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